Cathe’s June 2011 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
June 2011 Rotation
June 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we will do muscle confusion in a new format. We will do endurance one week, strength the next week, power the third week and a little of all of them on the fourth week. Shock your system, burn fat, create lean muscle mass and condition your heart. That’s the way to do it….Enjoy!  (This rotation is now available in the Workout Manager to download into your calendar)


Mon….4DS Higher Intensity Step
Tues…..Kick Punch and Crunch
Wed…..4DS Lower Intensity Step
Thurs….Steady state run 50 minutes
Fri….4DS Bootcamp
Sat….4DS Kickbox


Mon….Gym Style Chest and Triceps plus 20 minute run
Wed…..Gym Style Legs
Thurs….Indoor /Outdoor Cycle 50 min Plus Ab Circuits Yoga Based
Fri……40 minute run plus Ab Circuits, Pilates based
Sat….Gym Style Back/shoulders/biceps plus 20 minute run


Mon….Imax 3
Tues…..STS Meso # 3 (Disc # 28 ) Plus Ab Circuits, Weights and Plates
Wed…..STS Meso #3 Plyo Legs (Disc # 26)
Thurs…. STS Meso #3 (Disc # 27 ) Plus Ab Circuits, No Equipment


Mon….Low Impact Circuit
Tues….Imax 2
Wed…..STS Total Body
Thurs….Low Max
Fri….Cardio Core Circuit
Sat….Body Max 2

5 thoughts on “Cathe’s June 2011 Rotation

  1. Yes!!! Just read over June’s rotation and I already know I’m gonna love it as much as the April one (which was fab!) Thanks Cathe – You’re the Best ♥

  2. I would like to start my STS workout for the first time but I need my user name. How can I get my STS workout sheets without being able to get into the program that prints the sheets. I forgot my username. Please help. I can’t even make a ticket for customer help.

  3. Awesome rotation, I can’t wait to try it when I finish STS in 2 weeks!!!! Yay! I am wondering if the first week of workouts from the 4 Day Split series are the cardio workouts only or the whole workout- weights included? Does anybody know? I assume its the cardio portions only since its an endurance week.

  4. well I missed the entire month, will you have one for July. I am a beginner should I try this workout or not.

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