Cathe Friedrich’s Greatest Hits vol1 Aerobic Step Workout Video

Cathe Friedrich’s Greatest Hits vol1 Aerobic Step Workout Video

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2013)

As a leading innovator in the home exercise video industry, in 1988 Cathe founded Step N Motion Videos, and in 1989 created one of the first “step” aerobic videos. Today, her fitness empire includes all types of workouts—featuring an enormous collection of step aerobic videos—and is one of the largest privately-owned fitness video libraries in the world.

In the making of this Greatest Hits DVD, there were so many Cathe videos to consider that it was impossible to fit all of the segments into just one compilation. It was decided to just focus on Cathe’s step videos in this collection—where it all began!

This Greatest Hits Volume 1 • Step compilation video features nearly 1.5 hours of video, including the regular workout as well as bonus footage that is woven into several premixes.

This walk down memory lane is not only a lot of fun, but a great workout, too. It includes some very memorable songs such as “Pina Colada,” “Kung Fu Fighting,” “A Little Less Conversation,” “Abracadabra,” and of course “Buttercup.” Footage was taken from Imax 2, Cardio & Weights, Body Max 2, Step, Jump & Pump, Athletic Step, Drill Max and a short segment from XTrain’s Super Cuts. Several premixes, including a bonus step circuit workout, are featured on this DVD.

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2 thoughts on “Cathe Friedrich’s Greatest Hits vol1 Aerobic Step Workout Video

  1. I received my eight new videos along with Cathes Greatest Hits Vol 1 yesterday. I did the Greatest Hits workout last night and LOVED it. The workouts were familiar to me from the previous videos and it was nice to have a mix of favorites to work out with. I love the music and as always, Cathe keeps you going!! Can’t wait to try the rest!

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