Cathe’s August 2010 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
August 2010 Rotation
August 2010 Rotation

Hi Everyone. Here is a great rotation that keeps you super fit, super toned, and super sweaty all month long. Add focus and a clean diet and double your results. You can now download this rotation into your Workout Manager calendar. Just go to the Workout Manager and click on the rotation icon and follow the directions.

Week One:

Monday: Hiit 40/20 plus AB Circuits plates and weights

Tues: Rhythmic Step

Wed: Muscle Max

Thurs: KPC

Fri: Body Max 2

Sat: Interval run for 30 minutes

Sun: OFF

Week Two:

Monday: 4 Day Split High Intensity step Plus Ab Circuits No equipment abs

Tues: Hit 30/30 plus Coremax Segment One

Wed: 4 Day Split Bootcamp

Thurs: Cardio Core Circuit plus segment one Stretch Max

Fri: 4 Day Split Lower Intensity Step

Sat: Maximum intensity Cardio

Sun: 4 Day Split Kickbox

Week Three:

Monday: Imax2

Tues: Pyramid Lower Body

Wed: OFF

Thurs: Pyramid Upper Body

Fri: Pyramid Lower Body plus 200 walking lunges

Sat: MMA Boxing

Sun:Circuit Blast

Week Four:

Monday: 45 minute steady state run plus stretch max segment 2

Tues: Muscle Endurance

Wed: Step Blast

Thurs: OFF

Fri: Muscle Max

Sat: Cardio Kicks

Sun: MMA Fusion

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