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New Videos Shipping Alert!

New Videos Shipping Alert!

The duplicator has just informed us that they have finished replicating, packaging and are now shipping all of the new DVDs to us. The DVDs are leaving the plant in California on two trucks today and we should have the new DVDs in stock either Sep 27th or Sept 30th depending on how long the

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Cathe's Greatest Hits DVD

Cathe Friedrich’s Greatest Hits vol1 Aerobic Step Workout Video

As a leading innovator in the home exercise video industry, in 1988 Cathe founded Step N Motion Videos, and in 1989 created one of the first “step” aerobic videos. Today, her fitness empire includes all types of workouts—featuring an enormous collection of step aerobic videos—and is one of the largest privately-owned fitness video libraries in

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Rockout Knockout Bonus Heavy Bag workout

Cathe’s Bonus Heavy Bag Workout Video

This is a video clip from Cathe Friedrich’s Rockout Knockout Bonus Heavy Bag workout. Order or learn more about Cathe’s Rockout Knockout kickbox workout at: http://shop.cathe.com/Cathe_2013_Workout_DVDs_s/109.htm

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FlexTrain Premixes and Chapters

Video Clip of Cathe Friedrich’s Flex Train Total Body Workout Video

Flex Train is a non-stop, total body strength and toning workout that mixes metabolic training with high-rep strength training. Minimal equipment is used to unleash your strength, endurance, and sculpted muscles. This will quickly become one of your favorite go-to workouts when you are looking to rev up your metabolism and build muscular strength and

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Rockout Knockout Premixes and Chapters

Cathe Friedrich’s Rockout Knockout kickbox workout video preview.

Put some fun back in your fight with high energy kicks, jumps, and punches guaranteed to make you come out a winner! Rockout Knockout contains a warm up and three segments with a different cardio kickboxing focus in each: cardio boxing no gloves; cardio boxing with gloves; and punching and kicking drills without gloves. Although boxing

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Cathe's Great Glutes Breakdown

Cathe Friedrich’s Great Glutes lower body workout video

This lower body toning and shaping workout features a mix of new, innovative standing and floor glute exercises along with the most effective “best of the best” hamstring, glute and inner thigh exercises that will leave you with the firmest rock bottom and legs you could ever imagine! Great Glutes is divided into the following

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Cathe's Pedal Power Workout

Cathe Friedrich’s Pedal Power Cycle Workout

Cathe has taught indoor cycle workouts at her studio in New Jersey for over 15 years. She brings her unique skills as group fitness instructor who uses music tempo, not RPM’s in her cycle workouts to keep your heart rate in just the right zone throughout this indoor cycle workout. We try to bring superior

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Lean Legs and Abs Chapters and Premixes

Lean Legs & Abs Video Preview

We’ve now put together a video clip of some of the exercises in Lean Legs & Abs. This is just one of two new lower body workouts that we will be releasing shortly. Lean Legs & Abs – This lower body toning and shaping workout uses both innovative and traditional exercises to shape the thigh

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X10 Premixes and Chapters

X10 Workout Video Clip

Preview clip of Cathe Friedrich’s X10 workout video. Though this is one continuous clip, keep in mind that X10 is really five 24 to 29 minute workouts, and has 12 premixed workouts that offer an incredible amount of different intensity workout options and times. X10 features short high intensity cardio segments that when combined with

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Party Rockin Step 2 video clip

Party Rockin Step 2 workout video clip

This is the second clip of today and features Party Rockin Step 2 which is the less dancy of the two new step videos. Party Rockin’ Step 2 – For all those steppers who love a creative routine served up with intensity blasts and a little less dance appeal will love Party Rockin Step workout

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Party Rockin Step 1 video clip

Party Rockin Step 1 workout video clip

Here is the first video clip from the new workouts. This a clip from Party Rockin Step Workout 1 which is the more dancy of the two step workouts. Party Rockin’ Step 1 – Looking to put some fun back into your step workouts? If so, then Party Rockin’ Step workout #1 is for you!!!

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behind the scenes of Cathe's 2013 videos

Behind the Scenes of the Making of Our New Videos

Hi Everyone! We know you are eagerly awaiting clips from the new workouts and we are ambitiously working on that this week. Until then we thought you would enjoy this “Behind The Scenes” video clip from our new workout series. Pardon my hoarse voice as this interview was shot immediately after the our 2013 Glassboro RT last month.

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