Behind the Scenes of the Making of Our New Videos

Behind the Scenes of the Making of Our New Videos

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2013)

Hi Everyone! We know you are eagerly awaiting clips from the new workouts and we are ambitiously working on that this week. Until then we thought you would enjoy this “Behind The Scenes” video clip from our new workout series. Pardon my hoarse voice as this interview was shot immediately after the our 2013 Glassboro RT last month.

You can learn more about our new soon to be released workouts at:

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of the Making of Our New Videos

  1. Thank you for posting a clip which shows a workout being filmed, I had no idea it required so much equipment and people!!

  2. I’ve been branching out to do other workouts but there is no doubt in my mind that Cathe and the crew put out the absolute best quality there is. The workouts are so complete and well thought out. You gotta love those premixes!! Sometimes I’m home later than I expect and I can just do a quick workout by choosing a short premix. I still can hardly believe that we are getting another new set of workouts!! Thank you!

  3. THANK YOU, Cathe, for this “making of” video. Folks have been asking for a long time to be taken behind the scenes. You always listen to your fans . . . on big stuff like what the next workout should be, and even on “little stuff” like showing us how you make your videos. (I’ve always wondered how often you cut. The answer is “as little as possible.”) Thanks, Cathe. This is such a fun glimpse.

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