X10 Workout Video Clip

X10 Workout Video Clip

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2013)

Preview clip of Cathe Friedrich’s X10 workout video.

Though this is one continuous clip, keep in mind that X10 is really five 24 to 29 minute workouts, and has 12 premixed workouts that offer an incredible amount of different intensity workout options and times.

X10 features short high intensity cardio segments that when combined with the warm up and cool down will give you five calorie crushing workouts that can each be done in less than 30 minutes. Feeling like you want more? No problem! Just do as many (or all) of the five X10 workouts that you desire. It’s that easy….or is it, wink?!?! the five X10 workouts are as follows:

1. X10 — Step,
2.X10 Low Impact
3. X10 — Hi/Lo
4. X10 — Cardio Blast
5. and X10 — Fat Burning Circuit.

The twelve X10 premixes range from about 36 1/2 mins to slightly over 77 mins. This means you can select a variety of X10 workouts to fit the time, schedule and intensity level you’re looking for. It also means that as your fitness level improves, you have the option of selecting a longer premix so that you can continue to challenge your body in new ways. And with our triple tracks audio you have three ways to listen and workout to X10!

You can learn more about X10 and Cathe’s new workouts at: http://shop.cathe.com/Cathe_2013_Workout_DVDs_s/109.htm

2 thoughts on “X10 Workout Video Clip

  1. WOW! That looks AH!!!mazing…winded just looking at it. Can’t wait to get the new collection. Great work as ALWAYS Cathe.

  2. Does the weight training in the workout have any affect on doing a weight workout like STS or one of the XTrain workouts the next day? Are the weights used just to up the intensity factor of the workout?

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