New Videos Shipping Alert!

New Videos Shipping Alert!

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2013)

New Videos Shipping Alert!

The duplicator has just informed us that they have finished replicating, packaging and are now shipping all of the new DVDs to us. The DVDs are leaving the plant in California on two trucks today and we should have the new DVDs in stock either Sep 27th or Sept 30th depending on how long the trucks take to arrive.

Pre-sale orders will begin shipping just as soon as the new DVDs arrive here in New Jersey on either this Friday or next Monday. So that we can prepare to ship out all of the pre-sale orders as quickly as possible we have now locked all orders and further changes after today will no longer be possible.

Once the new DVDs begin shipping we will post a link and instructions for everyone who pre-ordered the downloads on how you can download your videos. Because of high demand you may want to wait until things slow down before attempting to download. Our servers will automatically cloan themselves and expand to other servers as demand increases, but this may take several hours to happen. We also strongly suggest you use a wired connection instead of wireless to download your files.

We would also like to remind everyone that customer service will be slow while we’re shipping as we will put all of our human resources into shipping everyone’s orders. We’ve already started preparing all of the orders and the postal service will have employees on site to help speed up the process. Once we finish shipping we will try to catch up on any customer service issues and problems as quickly as we can.

We also kindly ask that you don’t contact us to see if your order has shipped. It’s just not possible to look up individual orders during this very busy time without greatly slowing the shipping process down.

Most USA orders will ship by USPS Priority mail and we have an army of employees ready and waiting to ship all the orders as quickly as possible.

We can’t wait to share our latest workout videos with you!

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2 thoughts on “New Videos Shipping Alert!

  1. I got my new Cathe videos today. They arrived in perfect condition and of course I jumped on the opportunity to try one. I just completed Flex Train. Cathe thank you so much for another great workout. It flew by and my triceps, while not so thankful to you at present, will surely reflect the magnificent beat down you so artfully administered! We love you so much. Please never stop filming!

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