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Double Your Weight Loss in 2011

By Cathe Friedrich

Studies have shown that people who regularly use their online weight loss and daily food journals doubled their results when compared to those who didn’t. According to Kristine L. Funk, MS, RD, study author and a researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore; “Consistency and accountability are essential in any […]

December 2010 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we will go into complete Muscle Confusion while getting acquainted with the new workouts. Week one is a combo of strength and endurance, Week Two is heavier weights, Week Three is Endurance based, and Week Four is again a combo of strength and endurance. Eat clean, drink water, sleep well and […]

Cathe’s October 2010 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

This month is all about total body strength with a bit more focus on upper body and core. Of course cardio training is also included with this rotation. Eat well, sleep well drink lot’s and make it happen! Make sure to download this rotation into your Workout Manager calendar Enjoy! WEEK ONE: Mon: Pure Strength […]

Now You Can Print Your WM Calendar

By Cathe Friedrich

We’ve now added a feature that will allow you to print your monthly Calendar in the Workout Manager. Just look for the print calendar button at the bottom of the WM Calendar. To make this work properly you need to have “background Images” enabled in your browser. Otherwise your icons will no print. Here is […]

New Changes to Our 1RM Calculator

By Cathe Friedrich

In a few weeks we will launch the Workout Manager 3.0, but in the meantime we’re releasing some smaller updates. In the update we released today we have made some changes and improvements to the Workout Manager’s 1RM calculator based on on your feedback.  The changes we have made include: 1. You can now print […]