Cathe’s November 2010 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
November 2010 Rotation
November 2010 Rotation

This month we are going to shock our system and mix it up with a different focus every week. Week One will be mostly HIIT, Upper Body and Abs. Week Two will be mostly Legs and Cardio. Week Three will be shared Cardio, Legs, Upper Body and Abs. Week Four will be all Circuit. Get ready, get set, GO…. (This rotation can now bw downloaded into your Workout Manager Calendar)

Monday: Hiit 40/20 and Ab Circuits: Plates and Weights
Tues: Pyramid Upper Body
Wed: Hiit 30/30 and Ab Circuits: No Equipment
Thurs: 45 minute steady state run
Fri: Upper Body Only Segment in Body Max 2
Sat: Hiit Double Wave Pyramid and Ab Circuits: Stability Ball
Sun: Rest

Monday: Legs and Glutes
Tues: Step Blast
Wed: Pyramid Lower Body
Thurs: KPC
Fri: Butts and Guts
Sat: 4DS Boot Camp (just cardio segment) Plus premix #4 (Upper Body Sculpt) from Low Impact Circuit
Sun: Rest

Monday: 4DS Higher Intensity Step in its entirety
Tues: CTXpress…Leaner Legs
Wed: 4DS Lower Intensity Step in its entirety
Thurs: 20 minute steady state run and Segment one of Coremax
Fri: 4DS KickBox in its entirety
Sat: 4DS Boot Camp in its entirety
Sun: Rest

Monday: Body Max Original
Tues: Drill Max (premix #4 Cardio Leg Blast)
Wed: Bootcamp Original
Thurs: Bodymax 2
Fri: Low Impact Circuit
Sat: Imax 2
Sun: Rest

2 thoughts on “Cathe’s November 2010 Rotation

  1. Looks Awesome and going to try it! 🙂 Haven’t done the HIIT workouts just yet so this should to be interesting!

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