Cathe’s March 2010 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
March 2010
March 2010

Hi Everyone! This month we will shock our systems with a combination of total body weight workouts, split weight workouts, and body part per day weight workouts, and circuit workouts. We will also include various cardio activities and of course, encourage clean eating. Remember the harder you train and the cleaner you eat, the better your results….it’s all up to you. Work Work!

Mon: Muscle Endurance
Tues: Imax 2
Wed: Muscle Max
Thurs: 45 minute steady state run
Fri: Kick Punch and Crunch
Sat: Power Hour (eliminate abs and stretch) and go right into HIIT 40/20
Sun: Stretch workout of your choice
Mon: Gym Style Chest and Triceps plus HIIT 30/30
Tues: Cardio Core Circuit
Wed: Gym Style Legs
Thurs: Athletic Step plus Core Max Segment #2
Fri: Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps
Sat: MMA Boxing
Sun: Stretch workout of your choice
Mon: MMA Kickbox plus Slow & Heavy SHOULDERS ONLY
Tues: Step Blast Plus Slow & Heavy BACK ONLY
Wed: MMA Fusion Plus Slow & Heavy LEGS ONLY
Thurs: HIIT 40/20 Plus Slow & Heavy CHEST ONLY
Fri: 50 min. steady state run (or cardio of choice)Plus Slow & Heavy TRICEPS ONLY
Sat: Drill Max Premix #1 (Timesaver Cardio Blast) PLUS Slow & Heavy BICEPS/ABS/STRETCH ONLY
Sun: Stretch workout of your choice
Mon: Low Impact Circuit
Tues: High Step Training Advanced
Wed: HIIT 40/20 Plus Core Max Segment One
Thurs: Boot Camp (original)
Fri: Step Moves
Sat: High Step Challenge
Sun: Stretch workout of your choice

One thought on “Cathe’s March 2010 Rotation

  1. what workouts can replace the slow and heavy ones? and maybe step moves? could i do step blast for that one? i have everything else. haven’t done a rotation but i would like to try. thanks

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