Cathe’s September Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
September 2010
September 2010

Hi Everyone! This month is all about cardio endurance with extra emphasis on the legs. You can expect to burn fat, calories, increase cardio and muscular endurance as well as shape your legs. Eat well, sleep well, and be well!


Mon: Step Jump and Pump

Tues: Leaner Legs

Wed: Step Blast

Thurs: 45 minute steady state run plus Ab Circuits weights and plates

Fri: Kick Punch and Crunch

Sat: Legs and Glutes

Sun: OFF


Mon: 4 day Split Higher Intensity Step

Tues: 4 Day split Kickbox

Wed: 4 Day Split Boot Camp

Thurs: Imax 2

Fri: Pure Strength Legs and Abs

Sat: 4 Day Split Lower Intensity Step

Sun: OFF


Mon: Shock Cardio MMA: Boxing

Tues: Gym Style Legs

Wed: Shock Cardio MMA: Kickbox

Thurs: Shock Cardio: Athletic Step

Fri: Shock Cardio MMA: Fusion

Sat: Butts and Guts (ab work optional since already done quite a bit this week)

Sun: OFF

Mon: High Step Training Advanced

Tues: Hit 40/20 plus Ab Circuits no equipment

Wed: Boot Camp Original

Thurs: Leaner Legs

Fri: High Step Challenge

Sat: Imax Original

Sun: OFF

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