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Cathe’s July 2015 Rotation


July 2015 …This rotation is all about heavier lifting and body fat loss. Shock your metabolism with this mixture of heavy weights, hiit workouts and yoga. Because of the “heavy” demands of this rotation you will have two days off per week every other week. Eat a super clean diet along with this rotation and watch your body burn fat and your muscle lean up.

Cathe's March 2015 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s March 2015 Workout Rotation


Hi Everyone! This month we are shaking things up with a combo of solid cardio, strength cardio, solid heavy strength and strength endurance. Each week will provide your muscles with very different challenges to keep your mind and muscles stimulated. Time to get stronger, get leaner… get busy!!!! As always, extra water, solid sleep and clean eats are strongly suggested.