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February 2013 Rotation

Feb 2013….This month’s rotation combines the XTRAIN SERIES, CROSS FIRE and TWO THE MAX This combination will burn fat, burn calories and tighten muscles in every way, shape and form. We will use an undulating approach again this month. Eat well, sleep well drink water and you are on your way !!!!!

December 2012 Rotation

Dec 2012 Rotation….This is the month of endless holiday festivities.  We may not find time for a full week of workouts or even a full hour per workout but the bottom line is DO SOMETHING!  While I know it’s near impossible to eat clean this month, let’s make that January’s priority along with more focused […]

September 2012 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Get ready to jump into the school year with a mix of new and old, long and short and moderate to intense workouts! Your body will have all kinds of guess work coming at it which means your results will be on the high rise! Enjoy these workouts along with healthy balanced meals, water, and sleep. This rotation is now available to download to your calendar in the Workout Manager.

Cathe’s August 2012 Rotation

Hi Everyone! *This month we will do an undulating rotation that varies from light weight to heavy weight, circuit workouts to Hiit workouts etc. *Your body will work hard to keep up with its “confused” muscles. *Good nutrition seals the deal so make that happen too! *Have “fun”!   WEEK ONE Mon…Low Impact Circuit Tues…Low […]

Cathe’s June 2012 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month is about combination training. We will hit the weights heavier on certain weeks, lighter on other weeks, do more low impact on a given week and higher impact on another. Plus have some metabolic workouts in there to really keep the metabolism raved. Along with clean eating, sufficient water intake and […]