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Cathe’s March 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Now that our buns are super firm from last month’s rotation (Feb 2011) , this month we’ll balance things out and emphasize core and upper body a little more. Of course we’ll still do legs and cardio but we’ll really work the arms and core HARD. “Get Firm” reminders: Eat clean, drink water,

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Cathe’s September Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month is all about cardio endurance with extra emphasis on the legs. You can expect to burn fat, calories, increase cardio and muscular endurance as well as shape your legs. Eat well, sleep well, and be well! WEEK ONE Mon: Step Jump and Pump Tues: Leaner Legs Wed: Step Blast Thurs: 45

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Cathe’s July 2010 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we are kicking it up a notch with cardio endurance. To maximize your results eat well, drink extra water, increase your protein slightly and sleep hard. Have fun!  …and don’t forget you can easily download  this and every months workout  rotation into your Workout Manager calendar with just a few clicks

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Cathe’s March 2010 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we will shock our systems with a combination of total body weight workouts, split weight workouts, and body part per day weight workouts, and circuit workouts. We will also include various cardio activities and of course, encourage clean eating. Remember the harder you train and the cleaner you eat, the better

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