Cathe’s July 2010 Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2010)


Hi Everyone!
This month we are kicking it up a notch with cardio endurance. To maximize your results eat well, drink extra water, increase your protein slightly and sleep hard. Have fun!  …and don’t forget you can easily download  this and every months workout  rotation into your Workout Manager calendar with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Mon: Imax One
Tues: High Step Challenge Advanced
Wed: Power Max
Thurs: Muscle Max
Fri: Hiit 40/20
Sat: Body Max 2
Sun: Core Max Segment 1 and stretch workout of choice

Mon: Imax 2
Tues: Step Jump and Pump
Wed: Rhythmic Step
Thurs: Muscle Endurance
Fri: Hiit 30/30
Sat: Drill Max
Sun: Core Max Segment 2 and stretch workout of choice
Mon: Imax 3
Tues: Low Impact Circuit
Wed: Step Max
Thurs: Power Hour
Fri: Hiit Double Wave Pyramid
Sat: Boot Camp Original
Sun: Core Max Segment 3 and stretch workout of choice

Mon: Cardio Core Circuit
Tues: Circuit Max
Wed: Step Jam
Thurs: Maximum Intensity Strength
Fri: Maximum Intensity Cardio
Sat: Body Max Original
Sun: Ab Circuits Pilates based and stretch workout of choice

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