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Cathe's October 2016 Rotation

Cathe’s October 2016 Rotation


Hi Everyone, Halloween is coming this month with all it’s tricks and treats! Before we indulge in any candy cravings, we’ll hit our workouts hard and keep our goals in check! A great mix of cardio, total body, and separate upper and lower body days will keep those muscles confused and working hard! Remember to […]

2016 Cathe Glassboro Road Trip group shot

Thank You For Coming!


Sending a huge thank you and a great big group hug to our 2016 Glassboro Road Trippers!  Did we have an amazing time or what?!?!  Your energy was infectious and your excitement topped the charts!   I just can’t believe that it’s over already.  All those months of anticipation finally came together in full swing and then, […]