How to Date While on a Gluten-Free Diet

How to Date While on a Gluten-Free Diet

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)

istock_000016409851xsmall1Maintaining a strict gluten-free diet can be challenging for any individual, but it is especially difficult when dating. Many singles do not want to reveal that they avoid gluten, a sticky substance found most often in wheat, on a first date. Those who suffer from celiac disease, which is an intolerance to gluten, are often especially wary of discussing health concerns while dating. Although dating while on a gluten-free diet can seem daunting, it can be done easily with a little extra thought and planning.

There are many fun dating activities in which gluten-free dieters can participate. Such activities, such as cooking a meal together or having a picnic, will give dieters control over their food. Planning and preparing food as a couple will not only allow dieters to maintain their diet plans, but it will also create a fun way of interacting while dating. Gluten-free dieters can suggest preparing foods that do not contain gluten even without revealing their dietary restrictions. Singles who are on a gluten-free diet can also offer to bring food if a date does not take place at a restaurant.

Gluten-free dieting can be especially difficult when singles date at a restaurant. There are many restaurants, however, that offer gluten-free dishes. Large chain restaurants often provide gluten-free menus to their customers, but these menus must usually be specially requested. If a gluten-free dieter is uncomfortable with a date knowing about his or her dietary restrictions, he or she can call the restaurant beforehand to find out what gluten-free foods are available. Singles who eat gluten-free diets can also eat at Mexican or Asian restaurants since these kinds of foods often do not have gluten. Mexican food is often made with corn instead of wheat, so Mexican food is a particularly good option for gluten-free dieters. In addition, salad is also a delicious gluten-free food for dieters. If a dieter chooses to eat salad at a restaurant, however, he or she should make sure the salad does not contain breaded meat that contains gluten. The salad should also not have croutons, which are usually made of wheat.

Singles who eat gluten-free diets are often uncomfortable revealing that they eat gluten-free, but dating becomes much easier once a date knows about a dieter’s needs. If a gluten-free dieter feels comfortable with a date, he or she can feel free to talk about health concerns or dietary needs. People who do not eat gluten-free diets are usually accepting of those who do and often want to help plan gluten-free meals. Once dieters reveal that they eat gluten-free they can avoid any stress of not revealing a diet plan. Singles on gluten-free diets can then feel free to enjoy fun dating activities without worrying about food.

Although singles may feel overwhelmed by dating while eating gluten-free, dating while on a gluten-free diet can be easy and fun. As long as dieters can suggest dating activities that involve food preparation, or learn about gluten-free restaurant foods, dating can be less stressful. Dieters can also plan to eat at restaurants that serve many non-glutinous foods or even communicate dietary needs with a date. Gluten-free dieters who follow these tips will be able to enjoy their dating experiences without worrying about struggling to eat gluten-free.


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