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And…That’s A Wrap! - The Cathe 2023 Glassboro Road Trip

And…That’s A Wrap! – The 2023 Glassboro Road Trip

As I write this we have just finished sharing a few final hugs, saying our goodbyes (for now), and started heading back to our regularly scheduled programs. Oh boy, I can already feel the road trip blues kicking in.  It seemed like forever to get here, and just like that, it was over! 

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Cathe Friedrich brings focus and concentration to her STS 2.0 workout program

Is Exercise the Ultimate Hack for Improving Focus and Concentration?

Discover the incredible impact of exercise on focus and concentration. Uncover how physical activity enhances cognitive abilities, boosts mood, increases blood flow to the brain, and combats anxiety. Harness the power of exercise to sharpen your mind and unlock your mental potential. Lace up and embark on a journey of improved focus and concentration today.

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Cathe Friedrich strength training during her STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery workout program.

Strength Training Is Good for Your Mitochondria Too

There’s more than one reason to strength train. Research shows strength training may boost the functionality of mitochondria, the energy powerhouses that fuel muscle activity, and help you avoid age-related health problems, such as sarcopenia. Lift to get stronger but also do it for the health of your mitochondria.

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Plant-Based Diet

Can a Plant-Based Diet Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Discover the power of a plant-based diet in reversing type 2 diabetes. Explore the research-backed benefits, from improved blood sugar control to reduced risk of complications. Learn how whole, unprocessed plant foods can be the key to transforming your health—one plate at a time.

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Cathe Live App on your smartphone

5 Creative Ways Your Smartphone Can Upgrade Your Health

Discover 5 creative ways to boost your health with your smartphone! From tracking your diet and sleep to managing stress and checking your vision, these apps can be your wellness sidekick. Embrace the digital health wonderland and take charge of your well-being today. Let your phone be the key to a healthier, happier you!

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Cathe Friedrich in her STS 2.0 Chair Yoga workout. This workout can also be used by seniors and is a type of Yoga for older adults and all ages that has many health benefits.

A Path to Vitality: Unlocking the Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults

Unlock the transformative powers of yoga for seniors! Discover how yoga enhances physical fitness, reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and fosters social connections. From chair yoga to gentle styles, seniors can enjoy the numerous health benefits of this ancient practice. Explore how yoga can improve the quality of life for older adults and enhance overall well-being.

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Cathe Friedrich in her STS 2.0 workout program. Did you know that strength training can help with your blood glucose control

Fine-Tuning Your Workout for Optimal Blood Glucose Control

Discover the key to controlling blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes with exercise. This comprehensive article reveals optimal exercise approaches, timing, and the surprising benefits of blood glucose control. Unlock the power of physical activity as a first-line therapy and maximize your health outcomes. Don’t miss out on the secrets to managing Type 2 diabetes through targeted exercise strategies.

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Cathe Friedrich tips on making a workout more effective

8 Powerful Tips to Make Any Workout More Effective

Are your workouts feeling lackluster? Unlock the secrets to a more effective fitness routine with these 8 powerful tips. From visualizing success to refreshing your playlist, each tip will inject new energy into your workouts and boost your motivation.

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