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Cathe's May 2022 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2022 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month ( May 2022 Workout Rotation) we’ll focus on body part-specific weight workouts mixed with a couple of days of intense cardio. We’ll hit the lower body twice each week, once with a plyometric cardio flare and once with solid heavy weights. Give your all to each weight routine and if you find your body needs a rest day in between please take it. As always, eat well, sleep well and listen to your body. Enjoy!  

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5 Compounds in Spinach that Elevate It to Superfood Status

When you think of spinach, you probably think of Popeye the sailor man — and with good reason. If anyone branded spinach as a superfood, this cartoon character did. It gave him superpowers! But spinach isn’t just for Popeye, it’s for everyone who wants to look and feel their best. Spinach is a cornerstone of

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Cathe Friedrich doing Yoga

Surprising Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

You might think the only way to lose weight is to do intense, calorie-burning exercise but it’s all about balance.  Learn how adding yoga to your fitness routine can help you lose more weight and provide you with other benefits as well.

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