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Food Fraud

Is What You Eat What You Think It Is? Unmasking Food Fraud

Are the foods you’re eating real or fake? From fake olive oil to mislabeled seafood, consumers are unknowingly being misled, putting their health and wallets at risk. This article looks at how to be a savvy shopper, fight back against deception, and enjoy a fraud-free grocery experience.

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Cathe's May 2024 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2024 Workout Rotation

This month (May 2024 Workout Rotation)we will visit strength training routines from multiple series. Some weeks will be a little more aggressive, while others will have additional recovery days built in.

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Hand grip strength can determine longevity and is a measurement device that is important for living longer

Muscle Up for Life! How Strength Could Be the Key to Living Longer

New research sheds light on the surprising connection between muscle strength and how long you might live. This study suggests that genes play a role in muscle strength, and strong muscles are linked to a lower risk of common diseases and a longer lifespan.  Learn how a simple grip strength test might offer valuable insights into your health and longevity.

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Psychology of Eating

Unraveling the Psychology of Eating: Why We Eat What We Eat

Eating is more than just satisfying hunger. It’s deeply linked to our emotions, body image, and environment. This article explores the psychology behind eating habits, uncovering how stress, boredom, and even plate size can influence what and how much we eat. Learn how to identify emotional triggers, develop mindful eating practices, and build a healthier relationship with food for a happier, healthier you.

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