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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

3 Foods That May Help to Prevent Muscle Soreness After Exercise


It’s exhilarating to finish a tough workout. To feel the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been working out long or have recently changed your routine, your muscles may feel the after-effects a few days later in the form of post-exercise muscles soreness. The official […]

Enjoyable Glutten Free Meals for Everyone


Thinking that gluten-free diets are bland is a common misconception. What many people ignore is that culinary preparations lacking gluten are actually quite fresh and tasty, so much that even people with no dietary restrictions crave them. Fortunately, nowadays there are multiple options to face the gluten-free challenge in a tasteful way. To start with, […]

These Summer Fruits Sizzle With Health Benefits


Nothing says summer like a juicy slice of watermelon or a luscious dish of strawberry shortcake. But summer fruits are more than just a treat for your taste buds. They’re bursting with vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting antioxidants. Here’s the sweet news on all of your seasonal favorites. Watermelon is a good source of immune-boosting vitamins […]

Dr. Oz Recommends Hard-Boiled Eggs as a “Top 10 Daily Essential”


To make life simpler, Dr. Oz has whittled down his top 10 daily essentials, starting at number 10 “Eat a Hard-Boiled Egg”.  Eggs are protein powerhouses that provide 13% of your daily protein and only 4% of your daily calories. These excellent, inexpensive protein sources fight frailty. Rich in choline, they also reduce inflammation in […]

A Little Licorice Is a Good Thing


Licorice has a sweet and delicious taste, which is why most people associate it with tasty candies. Yet licorice doesn’t just taste great. It has also been used to treat various ailments and health conditions for thousands of years. Licorice is the root of a legume plant called Glycyrrhiza glabra. Licorice extract is derived from […]

Keeping Sushi Healthy


Sushi is the perfect food: bite-size healthy morsels full of protein, good fats and deliciousness. Or is it? Made with fish, seaweed and rice, it’s hard to believe sushi can be as unhealthy as it is healthy. While many sushi rolls are both nutritious and delicious, some “hidden” ingredients may be making your sushi rolls […]

Five Supplements That Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally


High blood pressure is a precursor to other problems including heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. So, if your numbers are high, it’s important to bring them down to prevent future problems. If you have hypertension, there’s a chance you’ll need medications to keep your blood pressure under control, but some people are able to […]