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5 Easy Ways to Make Yogurt Healthier

Aside from being rich in calcium, protein, and probiotics, yogurt can also be very high in sugar. In this article, you will learn how to choose a healthy yogurt and how to make your yogurt even healthier by enhancing it.

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Dietary Protein

How Much Is Too Much Dietary Protein?

There is a lot of discussion about protein and whether eating more than the daily recommended amount is healthy. It has been suggested that consuming that much protein can harm your health. Can science back that up and is consuming too much protein harmful?

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Relax and Skip the Caffeine: 5 Types of Teas That Calm

Life is stressful at times and sometimes we aggravate it with quick fixes like caffeine. But if you’re hyped and stressed out, there are better alternatives to caffeinated beverages like coffee. Here are five teas with calming effects you can drink for relaxation.

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