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Oxalates in rhubarb

Truth or Myth: Oxalates Are Bad for You

You may have heard that foods containing oxalates are bad for you. However, oxalates are found in many healthy foods, including vegetables. Should you avoid these foods because of their oxalate content? Here’s what science says so far.

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How Much Protein Should You Consume with Each Meal?

It’s clear that you need more protein for muscle repair and to maximize muscle protein synthesis if you work out, but how much should you get with each meal? This article will reveal what science shows about how much protein your muscles can absorb and use with a meal and why more isn’t better. 

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Fermented Vegetables

5 Downsides to Eating Fermented Vegetables

You may have heard that fermented vegetables are a healthful addition to your diet, but before you jump on the fermented veggie bandwagon, know that they may have downsides too. Here are five downsides to adding them to your diet. 

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