Category: Nutrition

Iron Foods

5 Ways to Absorb More Iron from the Foods You Eat

Are you prone to having a low iron level? Many women are before they enter menopause. What you might not know is that the composition of your diet can affect how much iron you absorb from the foods you eat. Here are five nutritional strategies for boosting iron absorption if your iron level is too low.

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Your Relationship with Food

7 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Food

It is difficult for many people to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Either they deprive themselves of the foods they enjoy, or they eat because they’re stressed out or bored. It shouldn’t be that way! In this article, you’ll discover ways to develop a healthier relationship with food.

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Brain Health

Avoid These 5 Foods for Better Brain Health

The brain is a complex organ and feeding it the right nutrients will help keep it working at its best. So, there you have it! If you’re interested in maintaining your brain health, avoid these 5 foods and focus on a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods.

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Olive Health

5 Surprising Facts about Olive Oil and Health

Olive oil is one of the most popular oils people use for cooking and making salad dressings. But how much do you know about it? Read on an discover five things you might not know about olive oil and how it affects your health.

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Lasagna Vegetable Pasta

7 Ways to Make Pasta Healthier

Is pasta on your list of favorite foods? Some people avoid pasta because they believe it causes weight gain and is hard on their blood sugar. Although there is some truth to that, you can enjoy pasta in moderation and even turn a small plate of pasta into a healthy dish. Here are seven ways to do that.

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Stress Eating

The 6 Best Ways to Avoid Stress Eating at Work

You may already know that work-related stress can cause you to snack excessively and eat unhealthy foods. Over time, this can lead to weight gain. Is it time to change the way you snack? In this article, you’ll discover six of the best strategies to break the stress eating habit.

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