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June 2010 Cathe Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we are working out with the oldies but goodies. To maximize your results eat well, drink extra water, increase your protein slightly and sleep hard. Have fun! and you may now download my June 2010 rotation from the Workout Manager into your Calendar. We have set the start date for this rotation […]

May 2010 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we are doing a random rotation that will completely confuse your muscles. Some workouts are long, some are short, some are heavy some are light, etc. Remember constant muscle confusion equals constant results. But exercise is only half the equation. If you want even better results eat a clean well balanced […]

Cathe’s March 2010 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we will shock our systems with a combination of total body weight workouts, split weight workouts, and body part per day weight workouts, and circuit workouts. We will also include various cardio activities and of course, encourage clean eating. Remember the harder you train and the cleaner you eat, the better […]

STS Strength and Cardio Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Happy New Year Everyone! The following three month rotation is designed to get you into the best shape of your life. This rotation is safe, effective and based on scientific studies to bring you maximal results. If you prefer, you may opt to do a double cardio session on any given day, however, this is […]

December 2009 Timesaver Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! December is the month that is nearly impossible to stay consistent with working out. Most everyone gets one distraction after the next as the month draws to a close (parties, cookie exchanges, shopping, wrapping, family gatherings, baking etc.). So while this month will be devoted to shorter workouts, look out for a butt […]

Post Your Workouts to Facebook!

By Cathe Friedrich

Now any workout you mark as completed in the Workout Manager can be posted to Facebook as a status update. Now all your friends can see how dedicated you are to Cathe and fitness. Instructions listed below: To post your completed workouts as ‘status updates’ on your Facebook Profile, please follow these steps and guidelines: […]