Beta 2.2 of the Workout Manager Now Released

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2009)

We have now released beta version 2.2 of the Workout Manager. This version of the WM features the ability to now adjust or take your 1RM right from your workout card for any exercise in the WM calendar.

When you now go to view your workout card in the WM calendar for an STS workout you will see an “Edit” link next to any exercise that requires a 1RM test. If you have not taken a 1RM test for an exercise simply click on the edit link and follow the directions to quickly take a 1RM test. If you have already taken a 1RM test for an exercise and after completing the workout found you needed to adjust your 1RM, you can now simply adjust your 1RM by also clicking on the edit link by the exercise that you want to correct. Once you make this adjustment your new 1RM will be used throughout the entire STS program to calculate your weights.

The Workout Manager is a Free application offered by us to all registered users of the Cathenation. The WM can be found at:

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