Workout Manager beta 2.1 just released!

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2009)

We have just released our latest version of the Workout Manager beta 2.1. This new version of the Workout Manager includes many bug fixes that have been reported in our forums, like the vanishing 1RM results and the kg/lb problem. We have also made some slight interface design tweaks that have been made based on our users suggestions , such as replacing the light gray arrow in the calendar sidebar with a more visible “show details” link and we have also fixed the problem in the “Create a Workout” page with some of the fields not being able to be seen.

In our next release of the Workout Manager we will begin to add video clips with “how to do” instructions for nearly any exercise you are interested in doing. The Workout Manager is a free service we provide, but you must be a registered member of our forums to view and use the program. The Workout Manager can be found on our site at:

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