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Cathe's Great Glutes Breakdown

Cathe Friedrich’s Great Glutes lower body workout video


This lower body toning and shaping workout features a mix of new, innovative standing and floor glute exercises along with the most effective “best of the best” hamstring, glute and inner thigh exercises that will leave you with the firmest rock bottom and legs you could ever imagine! Great Glutes is divided into the following […]

behind the scenes of Cathe's 2013 videos

Behind the Scenes of the Making of Our New Videos


Hi Everyone! We know you are eagerly awaiting clips from the new workouts and we are ambitiously working on that this week. Until then we thought you would enjoy this “Behind The Scenes” video clip from our new workout series. Pardon my hoarse voice as this interview was shot immediately after the our 2013 Glassboro RT last month.