Add Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD to Your Pre-Order

Add Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD to Your Pre-Order

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2013)

Add Cathe's Greatest Hits DVD to Your Pre-OrderIf you pre-ordered one of our discount bundles for the new workouts on or before March 31st you will automatically receive Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD. If you did not, and would like to add our Greatest Hits DVD to your pre-order for an additional $19.97 just click on the following link:  | Pre-Order Now | and in the comments box  in step 4 on the check out page  type ” add this to my pre-order”…. and if you know it, please also add your pre-sale order number.

Shipping of this DVD is Free between now and September 16th, so there will be no additional shipping charges. Greatest Hits DVD will ship when the other pre-sale DVDs are available later this month. | Pre-Order Now |

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