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Kidneys and kidney disease

Get Moving to Save Your Kidneys: Exercise Protects Diabetics from Chronic Kidney Disease

New research reveals exercise can protect diabetics from developing chronic kidney disease. The 2024 study objectively measured activity levels and found getting over three hundred minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise per week lowered risk of kidney problems by 31% in diabetics. Ramping up activity in the first year also reduced risk, highlighting it’s never too late to benefit from moving more. Another reason to get moving!

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Autoimmune Diseases

Why Women Are More Prone to Autoimmune Diseases

Women bear the brunt of autoimmune illnesses: New research suggests a unique RNA molecule called Xist might be to blame, shedding light on why it affects 75% of female populations. While other factors like hormones and environment contribute, this discovery opens doors for targeted therapies and early detection.

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The Latest on Vitamin D: Is Sunscreen Our Enemy?

Unlock the latest on vitamin D! Is sunscreen our enemy? Dive into sun exposure, blood level targets, dietary sources, and the surprising truth about sunscreen. Learn if you’re at risk for deficiency and discover how to maintain optimal levels for overall health. Get informed, empowered, and sun-smart!

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Sleep Myths

6 Sleep Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Don’t believe these six dangerous sleep myths that are ruining your health! This illuminating article shatters popular misconceptions about sleep, from the falsehood that you can train yourself to need less shuteye to the idea that snoring is harmless. Discover the surprising truth about making up for lost sleep on weekends, watching TV before bed, changes in sleep as we age, and more critical sleep facts everyone needs to know for better rest and overall wellbeing.

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