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Download Our FREE Workout Blender

You can now download the Workout Blender - Click Here For the Mac Version: After the file downloads, double click on the disc image (the file called “Install Workout Blender for Macintosh.dmg”) to mount the installer disc, then click on “Install Workout Blender” and follow the directions. For the Windows Version: After clicking on “Windows Download […]

Workout Blender Tutorial

Our patent pending Workout Blender is the only program of its type that puts you in total control of your workouts content and length. Now you can eliminate or change almost any exercise or cardio segment in any of our workout videos. If you don’t like pushups you can either reduce the sets, eliminate them […]

Workout Blender Update

We’ve spent the last several days testing our latest build of the Workout Blender and we now have solved most of the audio sync issues we recently discovered. Currently, the only problem we’re seeing is if you use your scrubber bar in some cases to advance the video. Using chapter points works fine for moving […]