Workout Blender Tutorial

Our patent pending Workout Blender is the only program of its type that puts you in total control of your workouts content and length. Now you can eliminate or change almost any exercise or cardio segment in any of our workout videos. If you don’t like pushups you can either reduce the sets, eliminate them entirely or replace them with another exercise you prefer. Our patent pending Workout Blender offers you the ability to create unlimited premixes from our digital downloads. You could actually do a different Cathe workout everyday for the rest of your life.  – Just click on the player above to view a Tutorial on how to use the Workout Blender. This short video should answer most of your questions on how to use the WB. Additional support is available in our Workout Blender Support Forum


2 thoughts on “Workout Blender Tutorial

  1. I just hope we get to try it this time! I’ve been so waiting for this! Thanks for working so hard on it to get it up and running!

    We’ll probably crash the system! LOL!

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