See What My Workout Blender Can Do For You!

See What My Workout Blender Can Do For You!

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2019)

Cathe's Workout Blender

The Workout Blender is an easy to use online application developed by us that makes it possible for you to create unlimited premixes from any of my videos. It is included for Free with your OnDemand subscription: | Sign Up For Cathe OnDemand |

In just a few minutes you can mix segments from as many videos as you like to create your own custom workout. Unlike a DVD, you’re not restricted to doing just the premixes we give you on a single disc.

My Workout Blender technology puts you in control of your workouts. You can shorten or lengthen any workout and you can eliminate or substitute one exercise for another. For example, you may want to substitute a high impact move with a low impact exercise, or perhaps you hate lunges and would prefer to do step-ups. The Workout Blender is the only program that makes all of this easy and simple to do, even for the computer novice.

My Workout Blender can Make Burpees Disappear!

Now you can eliminate or change almost any exercise or cardio segment in any of our workout videos. If you don’t like burpees you can either reduce the sets, eliminate them entirely or replace them with another exercise you prefer.

Unlimited PreMixes

My Workout Blender offers you the ability to create unlimited premixes. You could actually do a different workout every day for the rest of your life.

Create Premixes From Any Video With My Workout Blender

The Workout Blender makes it possible to create a premix using any of our workouts. You can select exercise segments from as many videos as you like and create your own workout masterpiece.

Change the Length of Any Video

Now you can shorten the length of any of my videos to fit your busy schedule or if you prefer you can add to the length of any workout to give yourself an extra challenge.

Easy To Use

The Workout Blender is simple to use and in less than two minutes you will be ready to start creating your first custom premixes.

Download and Share Your Workouts

The Workout Blender makes it easy for you to create a workout and share it with your workout friends or download their workouts and give them a try!

2 thoughts on “See What My Workout Blender Can Do For You!

  1. Cathe’s Workout Blender is TOTALLY AWESOME! There isn’t an home exercise program out there that I know of that has this.. I use this everyday! Getting back into shape is hard, but with this tool, Workout Blender, it makes it easy. As we all know, Cathe’s workouts are very challenging, but with Workout Blender you can make your workout easier. I know, I have done this. Cathe’s has each program with chapters, so you can edit which one’s you want to do and edit the one’s you don’t want. For example, Cathe’s LITE Cardio Party. Let’s say you don’t want to do all of it. That is okay. With the Workout Blender you can edit it. You can program it to do, Warm-up, Boxing 1, Hi Lo 2, Cool Down, and Stretch. And if you have to rest you can add a break up to 180 seconds. For example, LITE Cardio Party: Warm-up, Boxing 1, 180 Seconds Break, Hi Lo 2, 45 Second Break, Cool Down and Stretch. Isn’t that cool? Recommends this for everyone, even the advance Cathlete. If you are advance, you can even make your workouts harder. I don’t make money off this recommendation! This is the coolest workout tool there is!

  2. Cathe IS Literally the BEST, I read it everyday and i’m also so grateful I found, It helped me not only lose weight but keep it off, hope it helps some others!

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