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Here is What Our OnDemand Customers Have to Say About Our Workout Blender:

“I am obsessed with the workout blender !!! Right now, I have 115 workouts blended !!! It’s the best thing since……….um..chocolate !!!!!”- aqua girl

“I’m in workout blender heaven!!!!  I have been subscribing to Cathe live for over a year but took the plunge and got on demand. OMG, the workout blender is amazing! Honestly, I feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices available. I’d love to hear anyone’s experience with the wb.” – cher54

Video Tutorial

Our newest upgrade to our online Workout Blender (free for all OnDemand subscribers) allows you to share your workout creations with others as well as to easily import your fellow Cathlete workout mixes. Here is how it works: ( Click on the video tutorial above or read below to learn more)

Tutorial for Workout Blender Sharing Functions

The new sharing functions for the Workout Blender are both easy and fun to use to share your creations with other Cathe OnDemand users.

Sharing Your Workouts with Others

To share a workout that you have created using the Workout Blender, first click on the “Share” icon in the lower right next to the heart. This will open a share sheet that you need to complete. Give your workout a name (if you want it to change it from what you already have named it), then assign it a “Workout Category” by checking the appropriate types (you can choose more than one), then choose an “Intensity Level” and write a short description. Last, click on “Share Workout” and any Cathe OnDemand user can now try out your routine. If you notice, the “Share” icon will now be red indicating that the workout has been shared, and your username will appear next to it in “My Workouts” showing that you are the creator.

You can at any point make changes to your workout and update them in “My Workouts” as usual, but this will not change your already shared workouts. If you want to alter the workout you have already shared, make the changes to the routine that you’d like, then click on the “Share” icon, make any changes to the share sheet that you’d like, then click “Update Shared Workout.” The shared workout will now reflect the changes you made to it in “My Workouts.” (But don’t worry if someone does this to a workout you have already gotten from them…it will only change the version online. If you already imported it to “My Workouts” it will not change the workout there unless you re-import it.)

If you want to remove a workout you created from the shared workouts, follow the same process as above, but click on “Remove Shared Workout” and it will not be available any longer for others to import (but again, don’t worry…your imported workouts will not disappear if someone deletes their workout. Once you import them, they are yours!)

To let others know about your shared workout, you can provide them with your username and/or the workout name to search for, or, more easily, give them the seven digit code that was given to your workout when you shared it. Have them search for that code and they will easily find your workout.

Importing Others’ Shared Workouts to “My Workouts”

To import other users’ shared workouts, simply click on the “Import Shared Workout” button at the top of the Workout Blender. A window will open which initially shows the newest-shared workouts listed. From this window, you can search for a workout in three ways:

  1. If you know the name of the person who shared it, you can search for the user’s name, which will show you a list of all users which match the search criterion. Just click on the user name that you want, and all of their shared workouts will show up in a list.
  2. If you know the name of the workout, just type that into the Workout by Name/Code search field and all matching workouts will populate the list.
  3. And the easiest way is if you know the code number of the workout (a seven-digit number), you can type that into the Workout by Name/Code field and it will find that particular workout.

You can also sort the workouts by choosing a particular Workout Type, Workout Intensity, or Workout Length to find what you are looking for. To clear out all of your search parameters, click on “Reset” at the top right.

Once you have the workout(s) that you are looking for, you can click on any of the “Import Workout” buttons for that workout and they will go into your “My Workouts” list. Or, you can check the boxes on the left side of the list to select multiple workouts, then click “Import Selected” at the top of the list.

When you are done importing workouts, click the large “X” in the upper right corner of the window and you will be returned to the Workout Blender window. All of the workouts you imported will be at the top of your “My Workouts” list.

Editing Shared Workouts

You can edit any shared workouts that you have imported into “My Workouts” as if they were your own. Just click on what you’d like to edit and proceed as normal. You can also share the edited workout after you have altered it…just give it a new name or append the name to help others discern it from the original. It will, however, receive a unique number code to help distinguish it from the originating workout. You can also “favorite” imported workouts just like your own.

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