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Go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe’s Fitness DVDs

MMA Kickbox

MMA Kickbox is a 60 minute high intensity workout that will blast fat, build stamina, increase flexibility and muscle endurance. After a warm up, you’ll do three punching and kicking combinations, followed by a sports specific cardio drill to whip you into incredible shape. MMA Kickbox concludes with sports specific core drills that are new, […]

MMA Fusion

MMA Fusion is a 60 minute high energy workout that fuses basic Martial Art Exercises along with various Martial Art Styles for those who are really looking to push their cardiovascular and strength endurance limits. In this workout, you’ll do three MMA fusion combinations followed by a sports specific cardio drill to really deliver an […]

MMA Boxing

MMA Boxing is a 60 minute cardio boxing program with a touch of MMA thrown in to give your workout a new twist. While any fighter would definitely be challenged from this intense and thorough program, this workout focuses on getting the fitness enthusiast in the best shape possible “outside of the ring”. In this […]

Cardio Core Circuit

Cardio Core Circuit  (formerly Skills and Drills), 51 minutes, is broken into five fitness rounds and is very cardio intensive. In each round you will do three short cardio drills back to back and then repeat them (so it’s six cardio bursts per round). After each of these cardio groupings you will do intense functional […]

HiiT – 40/20

HiiT 40/20 is based on research by Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Their research study, called the Tabata Protocol, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise in 1996 concluded that just four minutes of high intensity Tabata […]