Athletic Step

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2009)

athletic-stepAthletic Step is an advanced, all step workout that will keep you jumping and pumping with both new and energizing choreography. While there is no dancy footwork here, you will surely be challenged by scrambling new moves with some familiar moves and making them feel totally different. Be prepared to power up, straddle down, jump forward and shuffle around. There’s lots of variety for everyone!

Athletic Step is one of my favorite workouts. It easy to learn and fun to do. Coming in at just around 47 minutes, you’ll find yourself reaching for this quick pick me up often. Enjoy!

To view a slide show of pictures from the filming of  Athletic Step – Click Here

Pre-Order Athletic Step – Click Here

8 thoughts on “Athletic Step

  1. It looks like Plyometric drills, yes? no? hopefully yes, because I will get it. No dancy fancy for me.

  2. Is this part of the shock cardio? I have pre-ordered the shock cardio already and don’t want to duplicate.

  3. Is Athletic Step part of the Shock Cardio series? It isn’t quite clear from the description and the link to pre-order it seperately.

  4. Okay, looking at the FlickR photoset, it looks like Athletic Step is filed under the “Shock Cardio” series, along with TravelFit, HIT 30-30, etc. So, I think that it’s safe to say that Athletic Step is part of the series. I was just confused by the link above that says “Pre-Order Athletic Step here”. Granted, I didn’t follow the order hyperlink, but I think the mystery has been solved (at least for myself). However, it would be good to get the official word from SNM.

  5. If you click on the Shock Cardio link from the home page, there is a desription of all the workouts included in the series. Athletic Step is indeed one of the workouts that comes in Shock Cardio.

  6. I am hoping that Athletic Step doesn’t require as much coordination as some of her other step DVDs.

    I’m loving the outfits on this and 40 20 filming. Are they Oh my Bod?

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