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Eating Mistakes After a Workout

5 Eating Mistakes You Make after a Workout

What do you eat after a workout? Hopefully, you don’t head back to work without replenishing your glycogen stores and supplying your muscles for protein for repair. However, not everyone makes the most nutritious choices. How many of these after-workout eating mistakes do you make?  

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5 Ways Coffee Can Impact Your Workout

Did you know that coffee is an ergogenic aid, a performance enhancer? However, having a cup of coffee or two before a workout has its pros and cons. Here are five ways consuming caffeinated coffee before a workout can impact your routine.

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Cathe Low-Impact Workouts

5 Types of Low-Impact Workouts

Most of the workouts people do for cardiovascular health are high impact, like running, sprinting, and jumping. But what if you have achy joints or osteoporosis and need to limit the impact on your bones and joints? In this article, you’ll discover five ways to get a low-impact workout that won’t jar your joints.  

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Exercise Before Breakfast

Here’s Why You Might Want to Exercise Before Breakfast

When is your go-to time to exercise? For some, an early morning workout works best. For others, an evening workout is most convenient and helps relieve the stress of the day. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, a morning workout may fit the bill. Here’s what a new study shows. 

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This study might change how you look at protein and the impact muscle protein synthesis has on muscle growth?

This Study Might Change How You Look at Protein

The recommended amount of protein you need if you exercise is based on your body weight. The idea is that you need more post-workout protein if you have more lean body mass. Now, a new study calls this idea into question. Get the full scoop. 

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Cathe's December 2015 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s December 2015 Workout Rotation

Season’s Greetings Everyone! Before we get too far into this month of “festivities”, let’s take a glance at this timesaver rotation so that we can gather all our workouts ahead of time and plug them into the best days for our busy month.

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