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2012 XTrain Workouts

XTrain Burn Sets Premixes


Burn Sets is an XTrain  Upper Body heavy weight workout that is divided into two main workouts: 1. Chest/Back/Shoulders 2. Bi’s/Tris We’ve also uniquely structured the  Burn Sets workouts to give you tons of options so that you can work individual muscles or try different combinations of  all your upper body muscle groups. We had […]

XTrain Gives You More Workout Options


Xtrain is a workout series that has been designed to be used by different people in different ways. Take Burn Sets for an example. This DVD contains two time efficient heavy weight workouts: Warm Up, Chest/Back/Shoulders/Stretch  – 50:23 Warm Up, Bi’s and Tri’s/Stretch37:11 But you’re not limited by the two workouts listed above. You can utilize […]

Target Your Glutes Like Never Before With Xtrain’s Hip Thrust 100 Rep Challenge


  Before I tell you about the Hip Thrust, just want to remind everyone that our current XTrain pre-sale prices will end Oct 30th. Now, let me tell you about perhaps the best exercise you can do for your glutes and best of all – you can do it at home. The Glutes are an […]

Set Point and Exercise: Is More Exercise Better for Weight Loss?


It would seem that if you’re trying to lose weight, the longer you exercise the better. An hour is better than thirty minutes? After all, you’ll burn more calories in 60 minutes than 30 if you maintain the same intensity. But recent research calls this idea into question.