XTrain Gives You More Workout Options

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2012)

XTrain Gives You More Workout OptionsXtrain is a workout series that has been designed to be used by different people in different ways. Take Burn Sets for an example. This DVD contains two time efficient heavy weight workouts:

Warm Up, Chest/Back/Shoulders/Stretch  – 50:23

Warm Up, Bi’s and Tri’s/Stretch37:11

But you’re not limited by the two workouts listed above. You can utilize our Burn Set Premixes and put a whole new spin on these two workouts. For example, say you really have a busy schedule and you just don’t have time right now to do an entire Burn Set workout. If this is the case you can take advantage of our single body part Burn Set Premixes that allow you to just train one muscle group in less than 15 mins. This is perfect for the person who is just try to maintain their hard fought results, but due to life events just doesn’t have the time right now that they would like to devote to their workout program. Training one body part at a time is also a great way for a someone new to heavy weight training to ease into the XTrain program. With Burn Sets you can do a Premix for any of the following Muscle groups in under 15 mins:

Chest Only

Back Only

Shoulders Only

Bi’s only

Tri’s Only

There are also other ways you can workout with Burn Sets. If you don’t like training your muscles in the order we have selected for the main exercise program you can change things up by doing one of the following Premixes:

Upper Body Premix (warm up, Chest, Back, Shoulders,Bi’s, Tri’s, Stretch)

Chest/Shoulders/Tri’s Premix  (warm up, Chest,Shoulders, Tri’s, Stretch)

Chest/Back Premix:  (warm up, Chest, Back,  Stretch)

XTrain is a lot more than just the main workouts. As you can see from Burn Sets, we’ve put a lot of thought into developing this program so that it can be adapted to your lifestyle and training needs.


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