The New Super Food: Coffee?

Is green coffee the new superfood?Being healthy and fit can at times seem challenging. Getting adequate nutrition can be especially difficult due to the modern, high-paced lifestyles many people are currently leading. Many use nutritional supplements to help fill unmet nutritional needs. For some, however, even the best supplementation doesn’t seem to be enough.

In recent years, however, a number of so-called superfoods have been discovered. These “superfoods” are filled with highly nutritious benefits that most other foods simply do not possess. In recent years, new superfoods have been discovered: Acai, green tea, and several others. Even more recently, the benefits of the coffee bean have been discovered.

For years, the benefits of the coffee bean have been known. Roasted coffee beans, as experienced through an early morning cup of coffee, are rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Studies have even indicated that those who drink coffee are up to 50% less likely to contract cancer than those who do not drink coffee.

Coffee obviously can be somewhat beneficial to our health, if used in moderation. Raw coffee beans, on the other hand, are even more beneficial. They are unprocessed, so they hold more of their nutrients than the roasted variety. Chlorogenic acid is one substance present in greater amounts in green coffee beans than in the heated, roasted variety. Chlorogenic acid is believed to increase metabolic rate, lower blood pressure, and assist in fat burning.

Recently, Dr. Oz shared a new coffee bean study on his show, The Dr. Oz Show. During a 22 week study, 16 overweight men and women were given green coffee bean extract. At one point in the study, they were given a placebo instead. On average, those who took part in the study lost 17 pounds, 10% of their body weight and 16% body fat. When they were given 700 mg of the green coffee bean extract, they lost more weight than when they were given a placebo. And when given 1050mg of the extract, they lost more weight than when they were given just 700 mg. Caloric intake and physical activities were no different than before the study.

Green coffee bean extract is believed to provide the following benefits:

• Protection against the development of cancer

• Improved blood circulation

• Improved blood pressure

• Boosted metabolism and energy

• Improved overall health

Incredibly, green coffee bean extract is not known to have any adverse side effects. It is even lower in caffeine than regular coffee. That said, however, those who are sensitive to caffeine should check with a doctor before adding green coffee bean extract to their daily health regimen. For most, though, this raw form of the beloved coffee bean is sure to be most beneficial to overall health.


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