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Cathe's March 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s March 2020 Workout Rotation

  Hi Everyone! This month’s March 2020 Workout Rotation has a mish-mosh of past favorites covering a variety of total body strength and cardio conditioning workouts to keep your routine fun and challenging!  As always, take extra rest days as needed and fuel your body properly so that it can perform at it’s best!   

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Cathe's July 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s July 2019 Workout Rotation

This month we’re going to do a week of total body workouts mixed with cardio, a week of heavy weights mixed with cardio, a week of split routines mixed with cardio and finally a week of metabolic weights mixed with cardio.  This variety will surely keep your muscles shocked and working hard. As always to get the best results eat clean, stay extra hydrated and get lots of solid sleep.  

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Cathe's Septemeber 2016 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s September 2016 Rotation

This month is a nice mix of various exercise workouts to shock your metabolism and keep your body on its A game. For maximum results make healthy food choices & get proper water and sleep. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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