Index of Cathe Rotations June 2003 - 2014- (CatheNation Links)


Index of Cathe Rotations June 2010-2013 (CatheNation Links)

Cathe's older rotation from April 2003 to May 2010

June 10' rotation - Mix of workouts
June 10' rotation - The Cathe Nation

July 10' rotation - cardio endurance.
July 10' rotation - The Cathe Nation

August 10' Rotation - Mix of workouts
August 10' Rotation - The Cathe Nation

Sept 10 Rotation - cardio endurance with extra emphasis on the legs
Sept 10 Rotation - The Cathe Nation

Oct 10' Rotation - total body strength with a bit more focus on upper body and core.
Oct 10' Rotation - The Cathe Nation

Nov 10 rotation - we are going to shock our system and mix it up with a different focus every week
Nov 10 rotation - The Cathe Nation

Dec 10' Rotation - Muscle Confusion/ new workouts
Dec 10' Rotation - The Cathe Nation

Jan 11' Rotation - fat loss
Jan 11' Rotation - The Cathe Nation

FEB '11[FONT=&quot] - Rock Bottoms Rotation [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation - The Cathe Nation[/FONT]

March'11 - Hardcore Series Celebration (emphasize core and upper body a little more)
March 2011 Rotation - The Cathe Nation

April '11 - Mix of some old & new circuits
April 2011 Rotation - The Cathe Nation

May'11 - (Alternating weeks of lower intensity with weeks of higher intensity exercise. Each week offers a mixture of cardio, core work, muscular strength and muscular endurance workouts)

June'11 - Muscle confusion (endurance one week, strength the next week, power the third week and a little of all of them on the fourth week)

July'11 - None posted

August'11 - mix of workouts & Flexibility

Sept'11 - "shock your system" rotation that is a hybrid of strength,endurance and flexibility. Expect to break through fitness plateaus and burn fat and calories while gaining lean muscle mass. =

Oct'11 - This month High Intensity Training and tough Circuits unite!

Nov'11 - Cathe posted three rotations for November!!

1 - STS & Low Impact Series Combined:

2 - All LIS:

3 - A regular rotation for those who may not have LIS:

Dec'11 - This month we are shocking our systems by mixing high impact with low impact workouts and also combining muscular strength with muscular endurance workouts.

January 2012 DOUBLE ROTATION - Cathe posted 2 rotations for January!!
1) STS/LIS One Month Total Body Recharge
2) STS/LIS Three Month Transformation Rotation

February 2012 - we will be “attacking” the Lower Body along with an overall total body conditioning workout.

March 2012 - March Maddness

April 2012 - This month's rotation continues to cross train with variety in types of workouts, lengths of workouts, intensities of workouts and frequency of workouts.

May 2012 - None posted

June 2012 - This month is about combination training. We will hit the weights heavier on certain weeks, lighter on other weeks, do more low impact on a given week and higher impact on another

July 2012 - Since so many of you have just received the new workouts, Cross Fire and To The Max, I decided to focus on them with this July rotation.

August 2012 - This month we will do an undulating rotation that varies from light weight to heavy weight, circuit workouts to Hiit workouts etc. *Your body will work hard to keep up with its "confused" muscles.

September 2012 - Get ready to jump into the school year with a mix of new and old, long and short and moderate to intense workouts!

October 2012 - This month is an undulating rotation which mixes strength with endurance. Expect to burn fat, calories and rev your metabolism.

November 2012 - None posted

December 2012 -

January 2013 - (Cathe poste 4 XTrain rotations in the WM and X-Train user's gide)
- 90 Day Undulating workout program
- 90 Day XTrain + Low Impact series
- 30 Day Cardio + Strenth Combined
- 30 Day Undulating + Ride

February 2013 - This month’s rotation combines the XTRAIN SERIES, CROSS FIRE and TWO THE MAX.

"Getting in shape for summer 3 month rotation"

March 2013 - Since we have had such a popular request for another ALL LOW IMPACT rotation, I have designed one for the March 2013 rotation.

April 2013 - This month’s rotation was put together with the goal of getting in shape for summer. I will create a new rotation each month for three months (March..April…May) with this same goal so you’ll be summer ready by June 2013.

May 2013 - This month’s May 2013 rotation is the continuation of my “get in shape for summer” plan. It focuses mostly on explosive cardio and interval based workouts to keep the metabolism stimulated and in fat loss mode.

June 2013 - A little Old and a little New!!! What do you get when you mix a little of the older DVD’s with a little of the newer DVD’s? A June rotation that’s filled with variety, cross training, and fat burning. This month get summer fit with everything you need to do to get super lean, super strong and super fit!!!

July 2013 - None posted

August 2013 - This month we are going to get in shape with a variety of workouts. You’ll see a theme each week. First week is a circuit format, the second week is cardio/muscle mix, the third week is your MAX week, and the fourth week is your “longer-shorter workouts” week. This variety will shock, shape, and “work work” your muscles into a lean mean fighting machine.

September 2013 - This month we're going to do "series" based workouts week to week. This will ensure a variety of muscle fiber recruitment and enhance muscle stimulation, which of course leads to a reduction in body fat.

October 2013 - This month expect to incinerate body fat, break stubborn fitness plateaus, and create lean and strong shapely muscles….are you ready????

November 2013 - Upon your request I have revised and updated both the ROCK BOTTOMS June 2006 and Feb 2011 rotation. This updated advanced rotation will really kick some butt!!!!

December 2013 Timesaver rotation: This month would be a good time to do a timesaver rotation using the newest DVD’s.

January 2014 - This month is going to focus on metabolic workouts and heavier lifting.

February 2014 - We will be doing a mix of circuit, cardio, heavy weights and light weights all within one week each week for the next month.

March 2014 - Low Impact High Intensity workouts this month.

April 2014 -This month will focus on getting great definition and fat loss. We will do this through high rep workouts, cardio activity.

May 2014 - This May rotation is all about shaking it up with shock training. Doing multiple types of workouts with various frequency, length duration & intensity.

June 2014 - This June 2014 rotation is full of variety. Get ready to “play” with a great mix of old and new workouts.

July 2014 - This month we are going on a cross training ride so hold on cuz this road is gonna get bumpy! LOL.

August 2014 - This month’s rotation is themed…SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES!

September 2014 - The Sept 2014 rotation is all about mixing heavy weights with light weights and mixing high intensity cardio with steady state cardio

Here are some older Cathe's workouts/rotations:

No-step Rotations:

Cathe's Vacation rotations:

Cathe's Old Treadmill Workout:

Rotation - body - building
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Thanks for this, Belinda. I used this to update the list on the Fit Fig tools. I've got them updated through April now.

And on a personal note--miss seeing you on Facebook. I recently deactivated my Facebook account to take a break from the addiction! Hope to spend a bit more time over here again instead!
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Thanks for this, Belinda. I used this to update the list on the Fit Fig tools. I've got them updated through April now.

And on a personal note--miss seeing you on Facebook. I recently deactivated my Facebook account to take a break from the addiction! Hope to spend a bit more time over here again instead!

Thanks Lainie, I will continue to update the list here too!

I haven't been much on FB these days, just don't have time every day!

Take care!
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I added some older workouts/rotations I have saved (scroll down!!), hope someone will enjoy them as much as I do;) Maybe someone else has a older Cathe workout/rotation you want me to add to the list.:D Enjoy everyone!
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I added Vilmas's Index of Cathe Rotations from April '03 - May '10 rotation to the top of this Index, now all Cathe's rotation are in one place:D. Hope this helps!

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