• Shock Cardio Series

    Shock CardioShock Cardio is a strategy that has always been promoted by Cathe as the best way to avoid plateaus, overuse injuries, and mental fatigue […] Continue Reading

  • STS Strength Series

    STS StrengthThe STS three-month workout system isn’t just a series of DVDs: it’s a complete fitness program that gives you a different workout every time […] Continue Reading

  • Hardcore Series

    Hardcore SeriesThe Hardcore Series is a perfect weekly exercise program with a fantastic variety of exercises: Step aerobics, intervals, upper and lower body […] Continue Reading

  • 4 Day Split

    4 Day SplitThe 4-Day Split series is an intense, four days per week, 60 minutes per session fitness riot. Each workout features a cardio segment […] Continue Reading

  • Body Blast

    Body BlastThe Body Blast is an immense workout series featuring step aerobics, kick boxing, and upper/lower body training. The set includes […] Continue Reading

  • Intensity Series

    IntensityThe Intensity series is Cathe’s ultimate workout challenge. The Terminator. The Gauntlet. Viper. Imax Extreme. […] Continue Reading

  • Cross Train XPress

    Cross Train XpressCross Train Xpress features a nearly endless variety of workouts for your upper and lower body […] Continue Reading