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2012 XTrain Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss


Many people who are trying to lose weight have learned to dread the treadmill. They spend countless hours grinding away with steady-state cardio workouts. Although this is one way to achieve your weight loss goals, it is actually not the most efficient. Research has shown that a strategy known as high-intensity interval training is actually […]

Xtrain Chest,Back and Shoulders Workout Time


This is a picture of Cathe getting ready to do a dumbbell pullover on a stability ball in XTrain’s Chest/Back/Shoulders. XTrain Chest/Back/Shoulders is another heavy weight workout in this series that uses weights slightly lighter than Burn Sets,  but also  has slightly higher rep ranges for each exercise. In this upper body workout Cathe keeps the boredom […]

XTrain Legs Workout Times and Premixes


XTrain Legs is a low impact lower body routine that is broken into three regular sections and one Bonus Barre segment. This workout also features seven premixes  with several of the workouts featuring the extra Bonus leg  footage. This workout will also feature a Bonus H ip Thruster 100 rep Challenge   and a Rear Delts section with a […]

XTrain Scarecrow 100 Rep Challenge With Jai


This is a picture of Jai doing a shoulder exercise called a scarecrow during a 100 rep challenge.  There are different reasons why Cathe selected certain exercises for the 100 rep challenges, but the scarecrow was chosen because it is an exercise that works and strengthens your rotator cuff. Shoulder injuries are the most common […]

Bonus 100 Rep Challenge With Brenda Doing Lateral Raises With a 10 – 20 Degree Tilt


This is a picture showing Brenda doing a lateral raise with a 10 to 20 degree tilt during her 100 rep challenge. We filmed five bonus 100 rep challenges for XTrain. These mini challenges usually take less than 10 minutes and will give your targeted muscle and incredible pump. Our 100 rep challenges also help […]