XTrain Filming Update – 10-19-2012

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2012)

XTrain Filming Update - 10-19-2012As we mentioned before we took the last week off from filming. During this time we’ve been very busy rehearsing and preparing for filming the  last round of videos in the XTrain series.  We’ve also been working on the editing of the videos we have already shot and as of today we have already edited five of the XTrain videos.  We still will have some tweaks and fixes that we will take care of during the final edit session for each video, but things are progressing well.

After all of the videos have been edited we will then have specialist set and  and clean the audio and then we will be ready for the final phase of authoring the DVDs.

We will be back in our filming studio to finish filming the rest of the XTrain videos and bonus footage starting tomorrow. The remaining workouts are the main cardio workouts in the XTrain program and we will try to get a few pictures up this weekend, but if not we will certainly have them up next week.


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4 thoughts on “XTrain Filming Update – 10-19-2012

  1. Wow, it’s all moving along quickly! Sooo exciting! Good Luck with the final workouts Cathe, cast & crew! Wheeee!

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