Boss Bands and Loops FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Q: When will the pre-sale videos ship?
    • A: *Based on our most recent information, our estimated shipping window for all pre-sale items is currently sometime between July 30th and Aug 21st. Because of the pandemic and related shipping problems, delays may happen. We will keep you updated on our website and our social media platforms as we know more.
  2.  Q: What kind of packaging will the new DVDs come in?
    •  A:  The Boss DVD Series will come in two individual plastic cases as all of our single DVDs usually come in.
  3.  Q: Will the DVDs have Premixes?
    •  A: Yes, the DVDs will have Premixes
  4.  Q: Will the Downloads contain Premixes?
    •  A: No, as always Downloads don’t contain or come with Premixes
  5.  Q: Will the DVDs contain Chapters?
    •  A: Yes, the DVDs will be chaptered by workout section and by the exercise when possible.
  6.  Q: When will I be charged for my Pre-Sale order?
    • A: All pre-sale orders are charged when your order is placed.
  7.  Q: How Much Do the Boss Products Cost?
    •  A: Pre-Sale prices are subject to change without notice and will increase throughout the pre-sale. Click on the following order page link for our current prices. | Boss Bands and Loops Pre-Sale |
  8.  Q: Is there a charge for Shipping?
    •  A: Yes, because of the weight of these products we have to charge s/h fees
  9.  Q: How will my order ship?
    •  A: Your order will ship by the UPPS or UPS method you select. International customers are also responsible for any custom fees and or taxes.
  10.  Q: When will the new workouts be available on Cathe OnDemand?
    •  A: As always new workouts are made available on our Cathe OnDemand network shortly after the DVDs begin shipping.
  11.  Q: Will there be a modifier?
    •  A: The Boss series will have super fun and effective workouts. Though we will not have a designated modifier I plan to occasionally show modifications if/when I select a move that most participants would benefit from by having a modified option demonstrated. 
  12.  Q: What equipment is needed for the new workouts?
    •  A: The equipment in the Boss Series will include Cathe’s Boss Bands and Loops. The only other equipment used in these workouts is an exercise mat which you can also order from us.
  13.  Q: When will video clips of the new workouts be available?
    •  A: Video clips with sound of the new workouts will not be available until sometime after the DVDs have been edited and authored. However, you can see a video clip without sound right now in the header of our Boss Bands landing page.
  14.  Q: Can I cancel my pre-sale order?
    •  A: Yes, if you pre-order and then decide to cancel we will refund your money as long as you do so at least 7 days before the DVDs begin shipping. However, we only allow one cancel per customer. This means if you cancel and then at a later date reorder you will not be allowed to cancel again.
  15.  Q: Can I use your discount coupons on my pre-sale order?
    •  A: You can’t use our discount coupons on Pre-Sale items, but you can use them on any current DVDs or fitness products you also order with your pre-order.
  16.  Q: If I order any of your current in-stock DVDs with my pre-sale order when will they ship?
    •  A:

      USA Customers: If you order any of our other in-stock DVDs and fitness products with your pre-order, we will ship your current in-stock items now. We will ship your pre-sale order when it is available (*estimated shipping date for pre-sale items is sometime between July 30th, 2021 and August 21st, 2021)
      International Customers: If you order any of our other in-stock DVDs and fitness products with your pre-order, we will ship your in-stock items you ordered along with your pre-sale DVDs when they are both available (*estimated shipping date for pre-sale items is sometime between July 30th, 2021 and August 21st, 2021)

  17.  Q: How Do I claim my Downloads?
    • A: When you pre-order our downloads you will receive a code via email that you will need to use to claim downloads once they’re available, so make sure to save the email you automatically receive from us shortly after placing your pre-sale order.
  18.  Q: How long are the new workouts?
    • A: The Boss Bands workout is approximately 57 minutes in length and the Boss Loops workout is about 51 minutes. Shorter and longer workouts are available through Boss premixes and bonus workout options.
  19.  Q: Will the new workouts have a vocals-only option?
    •  A: Yes, the new workouts will have a vocals-only option which allows you to use your own music if you prefer.
  20.  Q: Where can I find descriptions of the new Workouts?
    •  A:  Go to our main new video launch page at New Videos and click on the product images about halfway down the page to see the workout descriptions.
  21.  Q: What fitness level are the Boss workouts geared towards?
    • The Boss series is geared towards advanced exercisers. 
  22.  Q: When will Boss Updates Begin?
    • A: We have already started our Boss updates and will continue to do so right up and until the new workouts ship.
  23.  Q: Where do I download my User’s Guide?