6 Healthier Alternatives to Mayonnaise

6 Healthier Alternatives to Mayonnaise

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2019)

6 Healthier Alternatives to MayonnaiseYou need something to put on your sandwich or to make tuna salad. Do you reach for the mayonnaise? Not a smart move. A single tablespoon of this popular condiment has a whopping 90 calories – and who puts only a tablespoon on a sandwich? You can always save 75 calories by dipping into the low-fat mayo instead, but that isn’t your only option. Why not skip the mayonnaise entirely, and try some of these mayo-free alternatives?

Greek Yogurt

It may not work for a sandwich, but Greek yogurt is perfect for making healthy versions of chicken salad, tuna salad, and coleslaw. It’s higher in protein, lower in fat and has only about a tenth of the calories of regular mayonnaise. Plus, you’ll benefit from the natural probiotics in yogurt that keep your digestive tract and immune system healthy.


Hummus is a dip and spread that originates from the Middle East. It’s made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic and tastes delicious on sandwiches. Chickpeas are loaded with fiber, while the olive oil in hummus is a source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Plus, garlic is a heart-healthy herb that may protect against certain types of cancer. You won’t get that from mayo. Combine that with the fact it has only a quarter of the calories of mayonnaise. Use it as a dip for whole grain crackers too. For an even spicier version of avocado, use avocado-based guacamole sauce on your next sandwich.


Avocado is another source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and is an excellent source of phytosterols, plant compounds that reduce LDL- cholesterol. Plus, they increase levels of HDL, the “good” form of cholesterol that lowers your risk for heart disease. When you add avocado to a salad, the healthy fats help you absorb the antioxidant-rich carotenoids from the vegetables. But avocados aren’t just for salads. Mash one up, and use it as a sandwich spread. You won’t miss the mayo.

Cottage Cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese has only 9 calories per tablespoon, and you can use it as a sandwich spread if you thicken it a bit. To do this, place it in a piece of cheesecloth, and let it drain for eight hours. Then stir it vigorously before spreading it on your sandwich. To add more flavor, add your favorite spices along with some chives. You can use cottage cheese as a mayo substitute in chicken and tuna salad too.


Explore the many mustards at gourmet grocery stores and food shops, and you’ll never long for mayo on your sandwich again. A tablespoon of mustard typically has under five calories, and its distinctive taste will jazz up even the most mundane sandwich. Try flavored mustards and variations like horseradish mustard to titillate your taste buds. Its powerful flavor will fill you up quickly. Use flavored mustard to make a unique version of chicken salad too.


Nayonnaise is an egg-free, vegan version of traditional mayonnaise. It’s made from tofu and usually has half the calories and fat of traditional mayonnaise. You can find it at most natural food markets in glass containers. It tastes very similar to mayo but lacks the extra calories.

The Bottom Line?

Next time you’re making a sandwich or tuna salad – don’t reach for the jar of mayonnaise. Try some of these healthy, lower calorie options instead – and enjoy a guilt-free sandwich.



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5 thoughts on “6 Healthier Alternatives to Mayonnaise

  1. Seriously does ANYONE like Nayonnaise? I have tried. And failed. It’s sort of . . . gray and hostile. I want to like it. I really do.

  2. Mayonaise..ugh..it sabotages my diet…I was raised on it..full fat version. The ONLY thing that I’ve found to be a substitute is chive flavored cottage cheese. I blend it on the blender. Its not the same but will do as a substitute. Overall, I just use a teeny eensie bit of the full fat Bests foods mayo. I wish I could kick the habit. Thanks for the greek yogurt advice. It tastes good like sour cream. I also like Grey Poupon mustard. It has a good flavor and I don’t miss the mayo. But I only like it on crispy french roll with my sandwhich.

  3. I eat my fair share of Mayo and sweets. I exercise regularly and am not overweight. As far as eating a strict “healthy” diet, I wonder why I would want to deprive myself of food that tastes good in order to “stay healthy,” considering all the environmental pollutants and toxins we cannot control and are forced to ingest on a daily basis which counteracts any steps we may take to consume a so-called healthy diet supposedly to make us live longer. I eat what I want, when I want, along with daily exercise. I add the exercise b/c I want to feel good and look good for as long as I can before the environmental poisons that I am forced to breathe in and absorb through my skin kills me.

  4. Thanks, Yvette–I’m not such a ‘strict’ eater either and consider myself to be in really good shape. As they say, everything in moderation! By the way I love to work out (especially with Cathe and the crew) but do that in moderation as well.

  5. I too was raised on best foods then switched to safflower mayo but I have recently discovered Kraft mayo with olive oil and cracked pepper reduced calorie. Only 45 calories per Tblsp. I love this stuff I’m hooked. I highly recommend.

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