You’ve Never Seen Low Impact Videos Like These

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2011)


We have now finished processing all of the Pre-Sale orders in record time and you should soon be receiving your Low Impact series DVDs. Customers who ordered our new videos as downloads are already enjoying their new workouts.

For many years our customers have been requesting an “all low impact” workout series. In fact we received more requests for a Low Impact series on our website forums than any other request we have ever had. But if you think “Low Impact” means easy, think again!

Many of you have probably tried some other low impact workouts, but found the intensity and fun to be lacking in most of the videos you have tried. You still have the heart and the strength for high intensity workouts and you would still do them if you could, but your joints no longer allow you to do what you love. If not revolutionary, the Low Impact series is certainly evolutionary and is the first low Impact series that truly can match the intensity of almost any high impact routine. And best of all, you’ll blast away calories while still having fun! – There is no dread factor in these workouts!

Even if you don’t have any joint issues now Cathe’s new Low Impact workouts will help you to balance your injury risk so that you don’t erase your hard fought gains achieved from your high impact training.

Last, but not least we would like to thank everyone who pre-ordered our new Low Impact series and we truly thank you for your patience and for once again supporting us and helping to make this project possible.

15 thoughts on “You’ve Never Seen Low Impact Videos Like These

  1. I downloaded the series yesterday. I’m starting on the workouts today. I am so excited. At 59 (Oye!) I’m probably ready for some low impact. Thanks to you and your staff for all the hard and excellent quality work you put into your products. Lesly

  2. These workouts are a killer.. I started yesterday with turbobarre. My butt is surely talking to me today 🙂
    Thanks to you and your crew for all the hard work.

  3. Lesly, I will be 59 next month! 🙂 I’ve done three of the workouts already and let me tell you, they are still a challenge even though they are LI! Whewie! Catrin, I did TB too and my butt is yelling at me! ☺ All three so far were winners!

  4. I received my order usps today! What a nice surprise. I didn’t expect to have them til the end of the week. I plan on doing “cardio supersets” tomorrow. My muscles need a rest because I did STS total body this morning. I think I’ll do “Yoga Relax tonight. Thanks again Cathe for all that you do to make working out fun yet challenging. I also love getting new ideas for my personal training clients. You’re the BEST!!!

  5. Hooray! I received my dvds today! I’m trying to figure out which one to do first but I’m like a kid with a bunch of toys.
    Any suggestions for rotations yet?

  6. Just received my new DVD’s today. Hurray!! Can’t wait to get started in the morning. Don’t know which one I’ll start with. There’s so many great choices. Thanks again Cathe for all you do for all of us. Also thanks for including the Slider Discs for free for those of us who pre-ordered early. You’re the best!

  7. I`ve just finished upper body from the tri-set workout, and i really wonder why the music is so aggresive compared to the other dvds….does anybody have a clue????
    I mean the workout is absolutly fantastic, it`s just annoying listening to some strange rock music 🙁

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I received my DVDs and slide and glide discs yesterday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pre-order at such a discount. It was great that you kept everyong updated on the progress of getting the DVDs done and when they were going to be shipped. My work-out partner and I look forward to getting started. Thank you, again, for some great work outs!

  9. I preordered back in August and haven’t received my order yet, I was hoping that it would come today (10/27/2011) and I also ordered the STS Tower and SPRI Slanted Risers last Tuesday (10/18/2011) and haven’t received a shipment confirmation on either order and I think they are both going UPS Ground. Everytime I try to look up a tracking # using my phone # on the Track your package page, the only thing that comes up is an old order for a few months ago. I’m not going to email & ask for tracking #’s as we were told that the main computer was going to be working overtime processing all the shipping labels. I guess it’ll show up sooner or later..

  10. I just rec’vd my DVD. I usually do cardio w/o weights 2 days a week. and weights 3 days a week. with a day off. The DVD’s are a combination of cardio and weights.
    I was hoping that the DVD’s had cardio w/o weights.and then DVD with just weights.
    Any suggestions on rotations? or how may times a week to do combo weights/cardio

  11. Has anyone seen any news of when the new series will have a specific rotation? It seems like I saw it somewhere, but can’t find it now. Received my DVD’s yesterday and want to get started on a rotation with them specifically. And shouldn’t the November rotation be up by now ?

    Thanks for any info.

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