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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2009)

ad-for-blog-for-try-outsDaytona Casting Call Details….
Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a Cathe DVD!!! Here are all the details for the Daytona Casting Call Cathe Audition which will be held during the October Daytona Road Trip Weekend.

Being that Cathe will be giving classes and socializing with Cathletes during the whole weekend, we will have a room off to the side where you will be videotaped for Cathe to view at a later date. Cathe has also requested that you submit a little paragraph ( we will send a form shortly by email to everyone who has signed up for Daytona) or two of your background, what you do to keep in shape, how you heard of Cathe and why you would like to be in a future Cathe video. There is no right or wrong answer to this, we are just wanting to “feel your energy” and know why being in a Cathe DVD is something you would really like to do.

We will try to schedule the auditions during a time that no fitness classes are held so that you don’t have to miss out on the fun, but this of course all depends on the amount of auditions we have. Ok, here is what you will need to do:

You will be asked to do a few moves from various categories….Step Aerobics, Kickboxing, Strength Training, and Cardio. If you only have an interest in a particular category, please tell us that at the start of the audition.

Step Aerobics:

Do the following combos:
Step Combo #1: Start on Right Lead
Part A: 4 basic steps/4 V-steps/4 turn steps/4 Power Turn Steps

Part B: step knee off the narrow end of step/3 long hops turns/repeater straddle and repeater face front…Now Power 7 on corner of step/then power 3 on other corner/and power 3 on other corner and repeat whole thing on left side.

Step Combo #2:
The finished product of any DVD of your choice. Please specify the DVD that you are taking the finished product from

Kickboxing: Right Lead
4 Jabs
4 Cross punches
4 Hooks
4 Upper Cuts
4 Alternating Front kicks
4 Alternating Side kicks
4 Alternating Back kicks
4 Alternating Round House kicks
Repeat on left lead

Strength: We will provide equipment
8 pushups (can be on knees)
8 Chest flys
15 second plank on elbows
8 sit ups (one knee bent and other leg straight) arms over head and raise up arms and one leg together then repeat other side
8 bike maneuvers
8 bicep curls with barbell
8 concentration curls per arm
8 Tricep kickbacks/ lying extensions/one arm overhead extensions
8 Overhead presses
8 lateral raises/ 8 front raises/8 rear flys
8 barbell squats (and again with hand weights)
8 barbell lunges (and again with hand weights)

8 jumping jacks
8 Burpees (squat thrust with a push up)
8 squat thrusts
High jog in place 15 seconds
8 air jacks
8 tuck jumps
8 squat jumps
8 Plyo jacks
8 plie jacks
8 line taps

We are looking for strength, endurance, stamina, technique, form, stepping ability, push up form (on knees is acceptable), natural showmanship, the ability to have fun and sweat hard ….feel free to modify any moves you need to but tell us before you do it….Good Luck

If you haven’t already signed up for Daytona – Do it today – Click Here to Register

10 thoughts on “Your Chance to be in a Cathe DVD

  1. If I register for Daytona’s cast call, and am chosen, do I pay my own travel expenses? Transportation & lodging

  2. When do we get the chance to submit a paragraph about ourselves? It’s only 11 days away!!!! I’m so excited to get to Daytona!! How many minutes of our favorite DVD do we need to audition with?
    Cyndi B.

  3. Since I live on the West Coast. Can I send in an audition tape?

    Do you plan to get out west anytime soon?

    Love your stuff! I use it everyday!
    Shauna Witt

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