You Will Love the Ab Workouts!

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

butts-and-guts-30d2-aug25-2Butts and Guts is a workout that really transformed itself during the final weeks of rehearsal from a good workout into perhaps one of Cathe’s best. The ab routines in this workout are Cathe’s best and most unique. In addition to the regular ab routine shown above, Cathe also filmed a BONUS 17 minute stability ball ab routine.

Here is the Breakdown:

CORE (with 5 pound handweights and 2.5 ankle weights)

Roll down 4 counts and roll back up 4cts and

Using one weight and ankle weights… just one leg lowers while the other one rests on floor. 8 reps and switch sides immediately for 8 reps.

Both legs and arms go up and down (still one weight for arms)

Hip lifts with bent knees 2 sets 16 (resting in between sets)

Seated Torso Twist

Core/leg combo…Put weight down and roll onto side…aim elbow to sky and lift torso and leg at same time

Windshield Wipers…
Bike Maneuver

Frog style sit ups

Bend knees and pulse

Legs straight in air and pulse high

Rollover and do an elbow plank …

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