XTtrain Tabatacise Premixes

XTtrain Tabatacise PremixesXTtrain’s  Tabatacise features five short, but very intense workouts. You can select from level #1 (easiest) which has only one Tabata or level#5 (hardest) which features 5 Tabata’s.

Regular XTrain Workouts 

Level #1: Tabata #1

Level #2: Tabata #1 + Tabata #2

Level #3: Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3

Level #4:  Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4

Level #5:  Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Tabata #5


I addition to the five regular Tabatacise workouts you can also select your workout from any of the following Tabatacise Premixes:

Here are the Premixes

Tabata #1 + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Tabata #5 + Bonus Core #2


Tabata #1 + Burn Set  Back

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Burn Set  Back

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Burn Set  Back

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Burn Set  Back

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Tabata #5 + Burn Set  Back


Tabata #1 + Burn Set  Back + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Burn Set  Back + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Burn Set  Back + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Burn Set  Back + Bonus Core #2

Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 + Tabata #4 + Tabata #5 + Burn Set  Back  + Bonus Core #2
Easiest to Hardest  (3,2,1,4,5)

Hardest to Easiest (5,4,1,2,3)

Step Blast Only


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8 thoughts on “XTtrain Tabatacise Premixes

  1. Have exercised with Cathe for several years now. She is hands down the best instructor around. But, I have to ask does it look like Cathe isn’t as physically fit as she used to be?? I wonder if she had to take some time off due to an injury or something? Can’t wait to see some video clips of new material.

  2. Not only do I think that Cathe is not looking less physically fit, I think she looks more and more fit all the time. I also am amazed at what she can do! She’s a bit older than me, and she does amazing things with that body! How inspirational!!! Love her!!!!!

  3. Well, the body doesn’t necessarily stay exactly the same forever. Changes in your diet and routine can sometimes have an effect. She’s a little less muscular but is definitely still fit! Plus, it’s ridiculous what she can do with that body! I personally think she looks more amazing now.

    As far as the new workouts, I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I’m really exited to see that Cathe has incorporated Tabata into this program 🙂

  4. Notice how it’s a man who suggests a woman ‘looks’ less fit? What’s his criteria? I probably don’t look fit to him because I don’t have washboard abs and I have a healthy fat percentage (in fact, even less than the average for women my age). Cathe is absolutely amazing. I bet very few women who look fit to him could actually keep up with Cathe and her crew and maybe even me! Remember, it’s not all about looks–it’s about overall health. I find ‘Chuck’s’ comment extremely rude.

  5. Becky, My original comment was in no way rude. If you had actually taken some time to ponder what I had originally posted, then you would understand it was a comment of concern. I have exercised with Cathe since her Slow and Heavy Period and I have 18 Cathe DVD’s some of which have more than one workout program on them. Also, I have old VHS tapes of Cathes and have been an avid CATHLETE for many years. When I orginally posted my comment it was a mere observation that she doesn’t look as fit as she normally does. I did not criticize her physique in any manner or make any sexist comments. She normally has more muscle definition and tone. I simply was wondering if she had suffered an injury recently which kept her from her top notch level. Several years back she had knee surgery to correct a problem that had been nagging her for years. As I stated originally, I think she is the best instructor around and continue to only purchase material from her. She helped me get into the best shape of my life several years ago. I’m not sure what I would do if Cathe didn’t keep putting out new routines. She puts instructors half her age to shame. Each new series she develops seems to get harder and harder, not easier. I think Cathe looks amazing as she always does. I love how she keeps you going even when sometimes you don’t think you are going to make it. She always knows what to say at exactly the right time. So, Becky I think your comments were very rude and unwarranted. Hope you have a great day and continue to blow off some of some of that steam with Cathe.

  6. Cathe’s DVDs always get harder, that is so true! Hands down my favorite way to work out is with Cathe and the crew. They ALL are SO strong and look amazing. Cathe keeps getting me in better and better shape! Thank you Cathe!

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