XTrain Update – 11-21-2012

XTrain Update - 11-21-2012As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday we wanted to give you an update on our progress on XTrain. As we mentioned in our last update we’re currently in the last phase of the project called the DVD authoring phase. We’ve also been busy putting the final touches on the XTrain User Guide, so this has been a very busy week for us.

Our DVDs take a lot longer to produce than other DVDs on the market because of all of our premixes and chapter menus, but we’ve made a lot of progress on all of the DVDs this week. Each XTrain DVD is now at least 80% complete. By this weekend we will completely finish 5 of the XTrain DVDs and they will be off to the duplicator next week after we thoroughly test them this weekend. We should completely finish the remaining 5 DVDs next week and as soon as we proof them they too will be sent to the duplicator.

So what does this mean? Though it is too early to say for sure a December release date looks very likely at this time and we hope to have you your XTrain DVDs in time for Christmas for at least USA customers, but it’s still a little too early to say for sure that this will happen. Duplicators will not give a production date until after the masters have been delivered, so we will have a more accurate release date after next week. But this does mean that our XTrain presale will completely end soon so that we can start to prepare all of the pre-sale orders to ship. So if you haven’t pre-ordered already make sure to get your pre-sale order in before it is too late. | Pre-Order XTrain |

In the meantime have a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t worry about the calories – XTrain will soon be on its way!

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